Beers On Tap

We sell our beer by the glass, crowler (canned equivalent of 2 beers) and growler (BYO or purchase ours).


A blend of Left Coast and New England beer styles featuring Mosaic, Eldorado, Simcoe and the EXP Cashmere hops. There is malt, but that is not what this beer is about. Spot on double IPA. Juicy, fruity, velvety.

Old Speckled George

English Old Ale is the style closest to this historical beer, current around 1776. Biscuity malt, dark caramel and rich dark fruit, cherries and plums, rummy at the end. This is a big beer, but so was G.W. Drinks very well with a finish that goes on and on.

Ploughman Porter

Word has it, Porter is the original ale. The recipe is an agglomeration of historical London grist bills with English brown malt for a burnt cookie chocolate note, with the English ale yeast yielding a stone fruit, figgy flavor. Smooth, rich, but sessionable finish. Recommended for general family use where a Pale Ale is not required.


Classic summer beer from Cologne, refreshing, easy drinking and not too high in alcohol. All German pilsner malt with a touch of Vienna so the dryness is not too pronounced. Gentle persons, start your lawn mowers.


Don’t IPA me I’ll IPA you! This is a sour, a Belgian and a bit Yank, and a little dank. Lorries full of hops in this one, namely Eldorado, with an uncivilized amount of local Paw Paw at the end of the boil, pucker up mate.

The Hoppist

This DBL IPA is just filthy with hops. Four USA hops, danky, stanky maybe a little swanky, making this another outstanding haze craze beer. Herbal, piney, squishy fruit and would perhaps make a great breakfast beer?


This is another in the historic English Ale series. One of the best from 1934. Complex, layered, toffee, herbal, citrus, hay, and spice. Drinkable with a lovely minerally dry hoppy finish. Hits the spot.