Brewed in the woods by men of science

About Us

Kennett Brewing Company believes that everyone deserves extraordinary beer. This philosophy and attitude stems from our founders’ personal journey in craft brewing.

Years of pursuing excellent traditional and inventive beers led to the discovery that enjoying the greatest beers was not easily achieved. Ours was a flavor odyssey, searching for representative and unique beer from around the world and bearing whatever cost necessary. Ultimately, the founders of KBC decided to make these great beers themselves.

Together they dedicated over 13 years of research, practice, and achievement to develop their own beers to the category of extraordinary. Through a combination of replicating traditional styles and creating innovative interpretations, KBC provides a tasting experience like no other. Our customers have the opportunity to affordably enjoy the finest beers flavors from around the world at a single location. From traditional English styles to the groundbreaking innovations of America’s West Coast, customers explore flavors that may take a lifetime to enjoy. At Kennett Brewing Company, everyone drinks extraordinary beer.


The Team


“This company has been years in the making. It has been a long strange trip, but well worth the ride. At the root of it, Kennett Brewing Company is all about beer and friendship. We welcome you aboard for the rest of the joyous journey.”

Favorite beer style:

Oatmeal Stout, Rye Pale Ale


“I love beer.”

Favorite beer style:

English Bitter, German Pilsner