Bollocks Bayard Black IPA


Black as night, Damn near chewy, roasted bread… Dutch cocoa, Cuban coffee, charred prunes and cordial cherries. Finish continues for days. Boom ABV 6.4%

Double Lloyd Oatmalt Stout


Blacker than midnight, bold roasted flavor with a viscous oat malt derived oiliness.. Dark toasted bread, Guatemalan coffee, cocoa, blackened raisins and a long finish, but eminently drinkable.  ABV 7.2%



Think of Vermont as a beer style. This Double IPA uses the Vermont (Conan) yeast, U.K. malts and four American and one U.K. hop variety, massively.  Tons of light fruits, apple and peach drops, a bit zesty in the finish. ABV 7.5%

Kennett Pride


What can be said of a beer so beery? Kennett Pride was truly developed “In the Woods by Men of Science” The malt, the hops, the water and the process all balanced on the fine edge of British and American brewing tradition. Ripe orange tannins, spicy hops, grainy drying on the finish. Awesomely drinkable! ABV 6.2%

Kennett-Hell Bock Brau


Jetzt trinken wir wirklicht bier. (we’re really drinking beer now). Pale, clean, and bright as can be, toasty bread,malt forward with low bitterness but enough alcohol to warm the winter night. 7.6%

Suskie Saisonniere


Citrus, some piney esters, Saisonish pepper and spiciness, possibly some hop and alcohol derived sweetness but surprisingly quaffable! With an ABV of 6.5% please resist the urge to operate anything.

Wee Wobbly Scottish 120 Schilling


This crimson colored scotch ale has a dark caramel note only possible with a traditional Scottish 4-hour boil. A moderate hop schedule reveals a complex flavor profile reminiscent of dark fruit and toast. Scottish Golden Primrose malt lends a lighter sweetness as well. Succulent finish. ABV 6.3%

Wiley Rye IPA


This beer is big.  Loads of citrusy hops with a clean ale yeast and low fermentation temps to fill the palate bringing the hop flavor and aroma forward.  Although dry, the finish is surprisingly silky with a little spicy blast from the Rye malt.  ABV 7.4%



Joe Hillman is playing at KBC on Sat. 2/27/16 at 9pm


Come to KBC to hear Joe Hillman and his assortment of friends on Saturday, Feb. 27th from 9pm-12am!

Harry Giovan is playing at KBC on Fri. 2/26/16 at 9pm


Harry Giovan is playing at KBC on Friday Feb. 26 from 9pm-12am!

BerdDog Music Club at KBC on Thurs. 2/25/16 at 8pm


BerdDog Music Club is playing at KBC on Thursday, Feb. 25th from 8pm-11pm!

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Kennett Brewing Company is located at 109 South Broad Street in downtown Kennett Square.

There is a free parking lot on Church Alley directly across from the back entrance. There is also the parking garage at E Maple St, or metered street parking - both of which are free after 5pm Monday-Saturday, and all day Sunday.

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Kennett Brewing Company is a micro-brewery and pub located in downtown Kennett Square. Our pub is downstairs at 109 South Broad Street, directly below the shops and restaurants on State Street. Come and visit us soon!