Business Partner Pils

This pilsner starts spicy, floral with sweet Pilsen malt in the front, gently tannic in the middle and then dry smooth and refreshingly bitter towards the end. The hops are all New Zealand, lending a hint of lime.


Dirty Business IPA

This DBL IPA is just filthy with hops. Two USA, one German and one New Zealand making this another outstanding haze craze beer. Herbal, piney, squishy fruit and would perhaps make a great breakfast?


Heady Danker

Don’t IPA me I’ll IPA you! This is a sour, a Belgian and a bit Yank, and a little dank. Lorries full of hops in this one, Citra and Simcoe, pucker up mate. ABV 7%


Kennett Pride

What can be said of a beer so beery? Kennett Pride was truly developed “In the Woods by Men of Science” The malt, the hops, the water and the process all balanced on the fine edge of British and American brewing tradition. Ripe orange tannins, spicy hops, grainy drying on the finish. Awesomely drinkable! ABV 5.2%



Haze craze, juicy, Double Dry Hopped IPA, two sexy posh hop varieties. Mosaic and a New Zealand variety to be somewhat exact. Very refreshing and easy to drink with a surprising maltyness in the finish. Did we mention juice?


Ploughman Porter

Word has it, Porter is the original ale. The recipe is an agglomeration of historical London grist bills with English brown malt for a burnt cookie chocolate note, with the English ale yeast yielding a stone fruit, figgy flavor. Smooth, rich, but sessionable finish. Recommended for general family use where a Pale Ale is not required. ABV 5.3%


Posh Bracer Stout

Stop dithering about. This beer will brace you up directly. Chocolate, mocha and cocoa, blackened raisins and a long finish, very black, but eminently drinkable. Finishes warm but not hot in the least. ABV 10.6%


Wee Wobbly Scottish

This crimson colored scotch ale has a dark caramel note only possible with a traditional Scottish 4-hour boil. A moderate hop schedule reveals a complex flavor profile reminiscent of dark fruit and toast.  Succulent finish. ABV 5.2%



Betty & the Bullet Weds. 1/31 at 7pm

Betty & the Bullet are playing at KBC on Wednesday, January 31st from 7-10pm!

Delta Cosmonauts Sun. 1/28

The Delta Cosmonauts are playing at KBC on Sunday, January 28th from 6-9pm!

Shakesbeer Sun. 1/28 Noon

“I would not put a thief in my mouth to steal my brains.” A club of Shakespeare enthusiasts shall meet on Sunday, January 28th at noon to deliberate, discuss or deride Othello. Whether you’ve only seen the Josh Hartnett and Julia Stiles version or you’re a scholar of the Bard, all are welcome!

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Kennett Brewing Company is located at 109 South Broad Street in downtown Kennett Square.

There is a free parking lot on Church Alley directly across from the back entrance. There is also the parking garage at E Maple St, or metered street parking - both of which are free after 5pm Monday-Saturday, and all day Sunday.

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Kennett Brewing Company is a micro-brewery and pub located in downtown Kennett Square. Our pub is downstairs at 109 South Broad Street, directly below the shops and restaurants on State Street. Come and visit us soon!