Effing E.S.M.

Extra Special Mild, we like our milds very special and very mild and maybe a little wild. Classic Yorkshire beer, all Brit ingredients, very smooth and mouth filling, nice malt down the middle, but clean and somewhat herbal finish. Lovely spot-on pint served through a sparkler. ABV 4.7%


Emma Chisit

About three and a quarter quid, I think. A blend of English and Flemish pale malts with a hefty addition of New Zealand late hopping (herbal, fruity white grape skin notes) make this one wicked neat beer. At 6.5% this is a cracking pint for quaffing and then a walkabout



Think of Vermont as a beer style. This Double IPA uses the Vermont (Conan) yeast, U.K. malts and three American hop varieties, massively. Tons of light fruits, apple and peach drops, a bit zesty in the finish. ABV 8.5%


Kennett-Hell Brau

Jetzt trinken wir wirklicht bier. (we’re really drinking beer now). Pale, clean, and bright as can be, toasty bread,malt forward with low bitterness but enough alcohol to inspire. 5%



Traditionally the same as a Martzen for spring but made to mark the onset of fall. Touches of biscuit and bready malt surrounded by an aroma that’s quite rich. this Oktoberfest has some lingering bitterness to offset the Vienna and Pils malt sweetness. Wir trinken bier. A.B.V. 6.5%


Oranje Bloem

Orangey, a little hoppy and lots of spice, uses enough wheat and is hazy enough to safely be a “wheat beer” Clean in the phenol department with squishy citrus fruit on the finish. Has safe and squishy ever been so exciting? ABV 6.4%


Ploughman Porter

Word has it, Porter is the original ale. The recipe is an agglomeration of historical London grist bills with English brown malt for a burnt cookie chocolate note, with the English ale yeast yielding a stone fruit, figgy flavor. Smooth, rich, but sessionable finish. Recommended for general family use where a Pale Ale is not required. ABV 6.1%


Snake Bite Apple Cider

This is an Old Scrumpy style cider with apples from the fine orchards of the Pacific northwest. Nicely blended varieties, allowed to “scrump” before milling and pressing, then fermented out to a fine tannic dryness. “Drink up ye Zider” ABV 7.1 %


The Kidd

What you’re looking at is a sexy little number that would rank right up there with the best of the English Pale Ales. Crisp and creamy. Simple, elegant. Candied pears, spice drops, hay and a bit of honeyed biscuits, clean, dry with a mouth-filling stone fruit notes. Not exceedingly bitter but loads of flavor. ABV 6.4%



BerdDog Music Club Thurs. 11/30

BerdDog Music Club is playing at KBC on Thursday, November 30th from 8-11pm!

Brad McNemar and Chris Ferron Weds. 11/29

Brad McNemar and Chris Ferron of Marlboro Road are playing at KBC on Wednesday, November 29th from 7-10pm!

Sam Miller Tues. 11/28 at 7pm

Sam Miller is playing at KBC on Tuesday, November 28th from 7-9pm!

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Kennett Brewing Company is located at 109 South Broad Street in downtown Kennett Square.

There is a free parking lot on Church Alley directly across from the back entrance. There is also the parking garage at E Maple St, or metered street parking - both of which are free after 5pm Monday-Saturday, and all day Sunday.

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Kennett Brewing Company is a micro-brewery and pub located in downtown Kennett Square. Our pub is downstairs at 109 South Broad Street, directly below the shops and restaurants on State Street. Come and visit us soon!